Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

The curriculum used by Bittersweet Place was originally created by Solace House of Kansas City and graciously shared with us.

Many of the supplemental materials we use are written by Alan D. Wolfelt, PhD, author, educator, and grief counselor.  Dr. Wolfelt’s books and teaching materials are available through the Center for Loss and Life Transition’s on-line bookstore found at www.centerforloss.com, as well as many other bookstores.

Our Themes

  • Week 1 — Telling My Story
  • Week 2 — Exploring Death
  • Week 3 — Identifying Change
  • Week 4 — Memories and Remembering
  • Week 5 — Identifying and Expressing Feelings
  • Week 6 — Exploring Unfinished Business
  • Week 7 — Coping with Feelings
  • Week 8 — Self-Care and Saying Good-bye

Prior to these eight weekly sessions, we provide an orientation session so that parents/caregivers can share the needs and interests of their children and teens with our facilitators.  It also gives parents/caregivers an opportunity to ask any questions they might have about the program and learn more about the upcoming sessions.